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          Asia Metal Building Design and Industry Expo

          Simultaneous Exhibition: The 19th Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition

          December 22-24, 2021 Shanghai New International Expo Centre

          Peripheral Tourism(图1)


          Chinese and Western culture, make her exude a charming charm; streamer years, make her brand a deep historical imprint; vigorous economy, make her full of vitality, vitality, today, she is the world's attention

          Today, Shanghai has developed into a national economic, financial, trade and shipping center. Its total industrial output value accounts for one tenth of the country, the total import and export accounts for one third of the country, the GDP of the financial industry ranks the first in the country, and the tax and interest account for about one fifth of the country. Shanghai is an important international port city in the Western Pacific region, and its cargo throughput ranks first in the world. Shanghai culture is called "Shanghai culture". It is based on the traditional culture (Wu Culture) in the south of the Yangtze River in China, and gradually formed with the integration of European and American culture which has far-reaching influence on Shanghai after the opening of the port. It is not only ancient and modern, but also traditional and fashionable. Different from other Chinese cultures, it has an open and self-contained unique style. Historic sites, unique scenery, unique culture, various cuisines, fashionable shopping, charming nightlife, convenient transportation, international hotels, merchants gathering - Shanghai boasts a series of supporting advantages, is regarded as one of the most dynamic and charming cities in the world, and is the leading international exhibition destination.


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