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          Asia Metal Building Design and Industry Expo

          Simultaneous Exhibition: The 19th Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition

          December 22-24, 2021 Shanghai New International Expo Centre

          About the organizer

          Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co.,Ltd. starts, bases and develops in Shanghai, the exhibition capital of China. Since its establishment in 2002, it has hosted and operated more than 10 exhibition projects with a total exhibition area of nearly 1 million square meters, attracting more than 120,000 professional visitors from more than 60 countries and regions every year. In addition, more than 320 technical seminars and summit forums were organized and held, attracting more than 63,000 professionals. Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition is committed to creating a professional and prestigious exhibition trade platform and excellent supporting services for global customers.


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          Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

          Add:Room 1505, Mingshen Business Plaza, No.400 Caobao Rd., Shanghai, 200233



          Exhibitor service:

          Contact::Roger  Steven

          E-mail: Roger@zhanye-expo.com



          Marketing and Visitor service:


          Tel:(86)21 5109 7799-858


          Official Account:

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